March Product of the Month | Green Smoke

March Product of the Month | Green Smoke

With Spring arriving this month, warmer weather is going to mean showing a little more skin.  We know that the best way to show off your new spring dresses is with a sunkissed glow.  All of that tanning can sometimes leave your skin dry so for the month of March we are bringing you a one-two punch for keeping your skin soft and promoting a faster and longer lasting tan.

Supre offers the premium Smoke line, and from this line, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we are bringing you the Green Smoke Platinum Hemp Bronzer tanning lotion.  The Smoke line employs an exclusive O2 Dark Tanning System with Oxygen Technology that helps to enhance the tanning process for dramatically dark results.  Incorporating the latest in tanning technology, natural streak free bronzers, and innovative skincare ingredients with pure hemp seed oil, Smoke Platinum Hemp Bronzer helps provide exceptional dark color and skin nourishing hydration.

During the month of March, we are happy to give you 10% off a bottle of Green Smoke!  With the seasons changing, your skin will need all fot he hydration it can get, so nourish it, while bring out the bronze that we all love to rock!

And remember, whenever you purchase a full sized tanning lotion bottle, you get a single Ultrabronz tanning session FREE!


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